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Why Adjust Hearing?

Are you struggling to find time for your medical appointments? Are you looking for a more convenient way to look after your hearing? If so, we provide hearing care to suit your schedule with our easy to use video calling system.

No Clinic. No Problem.

We have created the most advanced remote hearing assessment in the world.

Delivered straight to your door, and at the push of a button, we can perform a full hearing evaluation. The audiologist will guide you every step of the way through the self-administered test.

Captioned Video Calling

Best in class live captioning to ensure you don't miss a word when speaking with our experts.

Unbeatable Value

We offer an unbundled approach to hearing care. This means you only pay for the time you use.

Highly Ethical

We assess your suitability to ensure you are a good fit for our online only approach.

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Telehealth / Remote hearing care is not for everyone. We have created a simple quiz to assess your suitability. Start now by clicking the button below.

How Adjust Hearing Works.

All You Need Is A Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop or Computer.

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Select the service that you require. We offer a wide range of appointments.

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Use our booking page to schedule a suitable date and time. A confirmation email will be sent with instructions.

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Click the link in the email at the time of your appointment to start the consultation.


Choose Your Clinician

Choose Your Clinician

Using our unique rating system you can find a clinician that will meet your requirments.

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Our Latest News.

Adjust Hearing Teleaudiology Trained

We take training seriously

Our audiologists are fully qualified and have completed the 'Tele-Audiology' course by the Ida Institute. Our clinicians offer a range of experience and expertise and we are confident you will find the best advice from the most appropriate clinician.