See an Audiologist by Video.
In minutes.

✔ Audiology appointments from home, work or on the go.
✔ Live captions / subtitles for video conferencing
✔ Purchase your hearing aids online.
✔ Automated hearing test sent to your door.
✔ Advice and resources for hearing aid cleaning and maintenance.
✔ Access world class advice on tinnitus and balance.

Price For Appointments

Our pricing is simple. Pay for the time you use.**
£ 2 per minute
  • Fully qualified hearing care professionals
  • Support from any location*
  • Live captioning / subtitles for video conferencing
  • Upload relevant medical files
  • Online live chat feature
Adjust Hearing Teleaudiology Trained

We take training seriously

All of our clinicians are fully qualified and have completed the 'Tele-Audiology' course by the Ida Institute. Our clinicians offer a range of experience and expertise and we are confident you will find the best advice from the most appropriate clinician.