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1) Select The Service

Follow the links below to find the service that is most suitable for you. We offer a wide range of hearing and complimentary services.

2) Book Online

Go to our booking page and follow the instructions. If it is a chargeable appointment you will be prompted to input your card details before the booking completes.

3) Click the Link

To tune in to your appointment simply click the link sent out in the confirmation email at the appropriate time. Your specialist will be ready and waiting to see you.

Price For Audiology Appointments

Our pricing is simple. Pay for the time you use.**
£ 2 per minute
  • Fully qualified hearing care professionals
  • Support from any location*
  • Live captioning / subtitles for video conferencing
  • Upload relevant medical files
  • Online live chat feature


Adjust Hearing Teleaudiology Trained

We take training seriously

Our audiologists are fully qualified and have completed the 'Tele-Audiology' course by the Ida Institute. Our clinicians offer a range of experience and expertise and we are confident you will find the best advice from the most appropriate clinician.