See an Audiologist by Video.
In minutes.

✔ Audiology appointments from home, work or on the go.
✔ Live captions / subtitles for video conferencing
✔ Purchase your hearing aids online.
✔ Automated hearing test sent to your door.
✔ Advice on hearing aid cleaning and maintenance.
✔ Access world class advice on tinnitus and balance.


Our pricing is simple. Pay for the time you use.**
£ 2 per minute
  • Fully qualified professionals
  • Support from any location*
  • Live captioning / subtitles for video conferencing
  • Upload relevant medical files
  • Online live chat feature

Online Tinnitus Support Group

We have teamed up with Tinnitus Rooms, a gold standard support group, to deliver their holistic approach online. Our interactive group sessions are designed to leave you feeling empowered and more informed about your tinnitus.
Only £5

Tools and Resources

Before making your first appointment we recommend you take our eligibility quiz. You should also consider using our preparation tools to maximise your benefit from our appointments.

Teleaudiology requires access to certain technology and as such may not be suitable for everyone. Our eligibility quiz helps you to determine if our services are right for you.

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Preparing for your appointment is critical if you want to make the most of it. You can send across information to your audiologist ahead of your scheduled appointment so they are fully informed and prepared to deal with your enquiry.

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We take training seriously

All of our clinicians are fully qualified and have completed the 'Tele-Audiology' course by the Ida Institute. Our clinicians offer a range of experience and expertise and we are confident you will find the best advice from the most appropriate clinician.