Struggling with Dizziness & Balance?

Our vestibular system helps us to move, walk or run without falling. It is important to seek medical advice if you have unexplained dizziness & balance issues. Our audiologists can provide expert advice, support and recommendations by booking in for a specialist consultation.

Online dizziness consultation

When To Seek Urgent Help

You sould seek urgent medical advice if you are experiencing the following:

Chest pain, numbness or tingling, falling or problems walking, weakness in the legs or arms, blurred vision, slurred speech, sudden hearing loss, severe neck stiffness, head trauma/injury, high fever.

Initial assessment

Dizziness & Balance Assessment

Assessing balance & dizziness is a fine art and one of the most important aspects is taking a relevant and extensive medical history.

A medical history is a skillful process that can help determine the possible cause of your balance or dizziness.

If you would like a written report of the consultation be sure to tick the relevant box when booking your appointment.

Dizziness & Balance Rehabilitation

Support & Recommendations

If you have had a formal diagnosis and/or a balance assessment in a clinic. Our experts can review the findings and make a personalised rehabilitation plan based on the report submitted.

When booking your appointment simply upload your report when given the option in the booking screen.