Tinnitus Support

Get Help With Your Tinnitus

Online Tinnitus Support comes in many forms and each audiologist / hearing care expert will have their own unique approach to supporting you.

The following strategies are often implemented with tinnitus counselling and if you would like to learn more about any one of them then please do book a video consultation with one of our clinicians.

Talking Therapies

It may feel daunting to take the first step but we wish to help you feel relaxed, comfortable and informed when exploring your options for therapy. Our focus is on helping you to reach your desired goals, for change and personal development, using a holistic and personalised treatment plan.

Tinnitus Support Group

There are tinnitus support groups all over the country. They are a fantastic way to find likeminded individuals who understand the complexities of living with tinnitus. We have partnered with a support group called, 'Tinnitus Rooms' based in Greenwich, London to deliver our online group sessions.

Tinnitus Education

Tinnitus can sometimes leave you feeling helpless. One of the most effective ways to gain control of tinnitus is to educate yourself around the subject. When you understand something, it often doesn't seem as threatening and it is this change in perspective that can help improve your symptoms.

Sound Enrichment

Sound enrichment is the use of a sound generator to help take the brains attention away from the tinnitus. Many people find that sound enrichment provides temporary relief from their tinnitus. One of our audiologists can introduce you to a number of devices designed to play relaxing sounds.

Talking Therapies & Support Group

Dr Jo Douglas
Clinical Psychologist

Her personable, warm and empathetic nature has helped many people to overcome the difficulties holding them back in life.

Online Tinnitus Support Group

Meet likeminded individuals from all over the country. in our online tinnitus support group.