Hearing Aid Adjustment

We Can Adjust Your Hearing Aids

New hearing aids aren’t always the answer. If you have purchased hearing aids in the last 3 years there is a good chance that we can improve them.

With the latest innovations in hearing care, we have the capabilities to adjust your hearing aids from anywhere in the world. We can provide a wide range of adjustments to help you to hear better.


Hearing aid gain adjustment online

gain adjustment

Gain adjustment is a very specific way of adjusting the volume of the hearing aid.

Your car stereo often lets you make adjustments to the bass, mid, and treble. This equates to 3 channels of adjustment. On hearing aids, we have up to 20 channels we can play around with. This helps us to optimise the output very specifically to your needs.

We can also adjust the gain independently for loud, medium and soft sounds. Lets say you find cutlery clanging uncomfortable. We can bring down the volume of this sound without affecting the medium or soft sounds necessary for speech detection.

On top of all this, we can also adjust a feature called frequency lowering. This is available in all modern hearing aids and shifts the frequency of very high frequency sounds in to a range that you can hear. Sometimes if this feature is on too strong it can make people sound like they have a lisp. However, if it isn’t on strong enough, you may not have access to certain speech sounds.


Adjust your hearing aid

controls and functionality

Your hearing aid is likely to have a range of controls and functitonality. We are able to add and remove these accordingly.

These controls can include volume or program adjustment. Volume control allows you to increase or decrease the level of amplification on your hearing aid manually. We can also increase the range of this volume control to suit you.

Program control is useful for particular situations. For example, you may want a directional program for restaurant situations. Directional means it tries to focus on the sound in a chosen direction. This is the most effective way to block out the irritating background noise.

We can also add custom music programs for professional musicians and you can even play your instrument live whilst we make the adjustments to make sure you are happy with the outcome.


Adjust alerts and warnings on your hearing aid

alerts and warnings

Your hearing aid comes with a set of default alerts and warning tones. Sometimes they may not be loud enough, or you may find them irritating.

Your hearing aid will alert you when your batteries are running low which is an important function. Occasionally people feel they miss this alert because it isn’t prominent enough. In this instance we can increase the volume.

We can also add or remove different alerts for volume or program adjustment so you can identify what setting you are on.

Other alerts such as notifications from a bluetooth connected phone can be irritating and unnecessary and we will happily remove these for you.

On some hearing aids, we can even switch the alerts from beeps to spoken word which can improve clarity on the hearing aid setting.