hearing aid blocked

The most common fault with a hearing aid is usually a blocked tube or wax guard. This is because our ears are naturally self cleaning and a biproduct of this is ear wax.

Ear wax is a combination of dead skin and secretions from a gland in the ear.  When you wear a hearing aid the ear wax that would usually fall out on it’s own is continually pushed back down the canal.

This can often result in a troublesome ear blockage which can stop the hearing aids working by blocking up the components.

If one of our audiologist determines that it is blocked they will guide you through the process of cleaning/unblocking. They will also advise you to get your ears examined to see if there is a build up of wax as this may need to be cleared professionally.

hearing aid diagnostics & fault checking

Hearing Aid Component fault

Sometimes technology fails and hearing aids are not exempt from this. They are exposed to a range of contaminants including oils, dust, moisture and chemicals (such as hairspray).

In the long term this exposure, along with mechanical wear and tear, can mean that one or more components of your hearing aid may fail.
Through our remote support sessions we can assist you in troubleshooting your hearing aid and can sometimes determine if there is a fault through the software.
If you feel there is a component fault then talk to one of our specialists today and they will assist in any way they can.

General Servicing and Maintenance

Servicing and maintenance can help to extend the life of your hearing aids. Proactive care is often better than reactive.

If you aren’t sure how to clean and maintain your hearing aids optimally our audiologists can guide you through the process step by step.

If you don’t have the essential equipment to do the clean, they can recommend the right tools and cleaning products that can assist in the maintenance process.