What Are Hearing Tactics?

Hearing tactics are the use of strategies to improve your quality of life when living with hearing loss. It is an often neglected aspect of hearing care that can dramatically change the way you approach your hearing loss.

An audiologist is not always the best person to give advice on hearing tactics. Training in communication strategies and lip reading is a profession in itself.

As such, we have recruited a formally qualified professional lip reading tutor and hearing tactics advisor. Our expert has a proven track record of teaching individual and group sessions on hearing tactics so you will be in the best possible hands.

Communication Strategies

There are ways to improve your ability to hear without the use of technology. Techniques such as lip reading, positioning, lighting, behaviour, and ownership of your hearing loss can all impact on your ability to communicate effectively. Our hearing tactics specialist can help you reflect on your own strategies, as well as provide tools to help make positive changes to the way you communicate in a wide range of situations. Our communication strategy sessions are 60 minutes long and cost £60. It can be purchased seperately or as part of a 'hearing tactics' bundle.

Services & Organisations

You may not be fully aware of the services and organisations that can support you with your hearing loss. Our hearing tactics professional will guide you through a wide range of services that can provide financial, technical and emotional support for hearing loss. Our services & organisations sessions are combined with the equipment module to create a 60 minute consultation at a cost of £60.


There is a huge range of equipment that is specifically designed for people with hearing loss. This ranges from landline and mobile phones, wake up alarms, fire alarms, personal loop systems and so on. Our hearing tactics advisor gives a general overview of the equipment available and how the features may benefit you. If you would like more information about a product you can book in with an audiologist to discuss this further. Our equipment sessions are combined with the services & organisations module to create a 60 minute consultation at a cost of £60.

Hearing tactics Bundle

Book in for both sessions at a reduced cost
£ 100
  • Coming to terms with hearing loss (exclusive to bundle)
  • Communication Strategies
  • Services and Organisations
  • Equipment