Buy your hearing aid online

Purchasing your hearing aid online is the cheapest way to access high quality hearing aids but it should not be taken lightly.

There are many websites out there that are willing to just take your money and sell you hearing aids without much thought for the aftercare required to achieve a successful outcome.

Our approach has been designed to ensure that you are fully informed and capable of managing a completely remote hearing care solution.

You also benefit from our 30 day money back guarantee should you decide the hearing aids are not right for you.


Prior to booking in your hearing assessment we ask you to complete our eligibility assessment. It ensures you are a suitable candidate for telehealth and remote hearing care. We also book you in for a free chat using our video conferencing software to explain the process in more detail.

Step 2 - Initial assessment

To perform our assessment we send you our specialist equipment in the post. The automated equipment guides you through performing your own ear health examination and hearing test. We will also be available remotely to assist with the testing process.

Step 3 - individual management plan

Once we receive the testing equipment back with the results of your assessment we will work with you to craft an individual management plan which may include the prescription of our state of the art hearing aids.

Step 4 - Remote hearing aid fitting

The hearing aids are sent out in the post pre-programmed to your hearing loss with tele-health features ready and active. We then assist you remotely with the initial set up and first fitting of your devices.

Step 5 - Aftercare at your convenience

Appropriate aftercare is critical to your ongoing success with the hearing aids. Your first two follow ups are included in the cost but from then on you are in complete control to reach out as and when you need us. We will of course provide recommendations and reminders at appropriate intervals and you will have exclusive access to our ever growing resources.

resound one 9 hearing aid

price per unit
£ 1225
  • Top of the range premium hearing aid
  • Only pay for the care you need with our unbundled pricing
  • Two follow up consultations included within 30 day trial period
  • 30 day money back guarantee

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