Purchasing Your Hearing Aids Online From Adjust Hearing

Buying a Hearing Aid online is easy with Adjust Hearing. Unlike many other providers we only sell one hearing aid. As an independent provider of remote hearing care we have assessed every hearing aid on the market to ensure you can buy your hearing aids
online safely from us. This keeps your decision simple and means that we can provide you with the best possible care for this device.

Purchasing Your Hearing Aid From Adjust Hearing Is Easy

Purchasing your hearing aid from Adjust Hearing is a 5 step process. Firstly we require you to book in for an initial assessment. This gives you the opportunity to meet your audiologist for the first time on a video call. The audiologist will ask a few questions and determine your suitability for our completely remote solution. After which, we post out our hearing test equipment so we can perform an accurate assessment of your hearing. It is more accurate than the online assessments as the equipment is calibrated to appropriate standards.

Once you have completed the self-guided hearing test the audiologist will discuss your results and make a recommendation. If appropriate, this is where they make recommend a hearing aid. At this point, you can make the decision if you wish to proceed. The audiologist will then program up the hearing aid and post it out.

Once you receive your hearing aid you will need an initial set up. Your first two follow ups are also included in the package and so you can have a few tweaks of the devices to make sure you are happy.

With every hearing aid, we offer a 30-day money-back, freepost return guarantee.

Family Centered Care by Adjust Hearing

The beauty of remote hearing care is that your family can join in to support you from anywhere in the world. We simply send out an additional link to the email address you provide and they can join the consultation at no additional charge.

Live Captioning For Seamless Accessibility

All of our video consultations are captioned to help you follow the conversation with ease. We are also able to communicate through the integrated instant messaging system.

We have a dedicated team of experts available to help you with any further questions; why not email us with any queries at

Tools to Help You Prepare For Your Online Audiology Appointment

Adjust Hearing has integrated many of the tools offered by the Ida Institute to help you prepare for your appointment. By using these tools your audiologist will be more informed about how best to help you. You can upload the results during the booking process or simply go through them with your audiologist during the call.

Which Hearing Aids Do We Sell?

We sell hearing aids that sit behind the ear with a receiver that goes in to the canal (RIC). Only individuals with mild-moderate hearing loss should consider purchasing online for this reason. Individuals that require custom moulds or have complex needs would be better suited to a brick and mortar clinic. If you are unsure what to do you should book in with one of our audiologists to discuss this further. They will provide an honest and ethical recommendation based on your individual requirements.

How Else Can I Properly Manage Hearing Loss?

Along with buying hearing aids online, offer a full range of audiological services:

  • Hearing Tactics introduces you to strategies, services and specialist equipment to help you to thrive with hearing loss
  • Tinnitus Support is available for those that are struggling or would like expert advice.
  • Balance and Dizziness consultations can be beneficial to getting you the correct referral if you are struggling with your GP.

Alternatively, you can book in for a general appointment to discuss anything and everything about your ears.

What To Expect From Adjust Hearing

Our digital hearing aids come with a 24 month manufacturers warranty and two follow up sessions. From then on our sessions are charged at a fixed £2 per minute and you can get in touch as often as you see fit. You are in full control.

If you have any questions regarding our behind the ear hearing aid or need advice from our experienced audiologists then please book your appointment. Our team look forward to meeting you and will do their best to help.