Home Hearing Test

Home Hearing Test

How do we perform our home hearing test?

Our home hearing test is the worlds most advanced solution to offer you a diagnostic test to the same standard (if not higher) as a face-to-face appointment.

It is robust, reliable and exceptionally user-friendly. Anyone can use it from home as long as you have good mobile coverage or wifi.

What Tests Can We Do?

We can now offer the following tests:

  • Live room noise measurement (to ensure an appropriate testing environment)
  • Video Otoscopy (capture images/videos of your ear in real time)
  • Air Conduction Audiometry (Traditional hearing test using headphones)
  • Bone Conduction Audiometry (Helps to identify problem with middle ear)
  • Speech In Noise Testing (Measure how well you hear in background noise)
  • Speech Testing / Word lists (helps to validate other tests)
  • Questionnaires / Medical History (to determine risk of ear disease)
The assessment is conducted remotely by our experienced clinicians. Your audiologist, along with our instructional videos, will guide you through the simple process.


Our home hearing test is calibrated to the required international standards and is just as precise as in-clinic equipment. It utilises noise-reduction headphones to reduce background sounds in your home down to an acceptable level. We also measure the noise of the room before and during the test to make sure that it is suitable. If not, we will advise you to find a quieter spot.

Performing The Test

To perform the test all we ask is that you find a nice quiet, comfortable room where you will not be disturbed for approximately 20-30 minutes. To get started, you simply open the case and press the on button at the time of your appointment. You then sit back whilst the audiologist takes full control of the equipment. The process of undertaking the home hearing test couldn’t be simpler and the audiologist will be right there with you to guide you every step of the way.

Request. Assess. Return

The process for the home assessment is simple. Firstly, book in for your FREE initial assessment. This allows you to meet your audiologist. They can arrange for the delivery of the equipment to your preferred address on your chosen date.

You can then conduct the hearing assessment independently at home or if you would prefer our audiologists can arrange a video consultation to support you through it. Once completed, we arrange for the device to be collected on a date convenient to you.

Once we receive the equipment back, we schedule you in for a discussion about next steps. This may include our audiologist prescribing our specialist bluetooth hearing aids.

Whatever the outcome of your hearing evaluation, our audiologists will never compromise on your health and safety. Our quality standards ensure that the care you receive from us online is the same, if not better, than what you would get in-person.