Paediatric Hearing Care

Paediatric Hearing Care

Paediatric Hearing Services

Our paediatric hearing care services are designed for children with existing hearing loss.

We wish to compliment your childs ongoing audiological care with FREE group music classes. Our music classes follow the world renowned colour strings curriculum but we have customised it for online delivery and for children with hearing loss.

We also offer specialist one-to-one consultations with a speech & language therapist or audiologist.


Here for you, as well as your child

If your child was recently diagnosed with hearing loss you may have some unanswered questions. We are here for you, as well as your child, to provide education, advice and support.

Our specialists include audiologists, clinical psychologists, and speech therapists. They can help you to come to terms with the diagnosis and to give you the tools to raise a child with hearing loss.

Technology Update

Our audiologists are experts on hearing technology. They can provider updates on hearing aids, wireless connectivity, remote microphones and more.

They can explain hearing aid features such as noise reduction, directionality and anything else you may have questions about.

Free Music Classes

About Rachel Ramsey

Our free online music classes are run by Rachel Ramsey. Rachel has enhanced DBS clearance, and is child protection trained.

Rachel has worked with us to create accessible and structured online music classes, following the Colour Strings curriculum, for children with hearing loss. The classes are aimed at children with a developmental age of between 0-3 years of age.

The music classes are accurately captioned in real time so singing along is easier than ever. We believe so strongly in the benefit this class will have for children with hearing loss that we are offering it for free to everyone.

Rachel has an MA in Arts Management, BA (hons) in Music, and is a qualified associate colourstrings music kindergarten teacher (CATMK). She is grade 8 piano, grade 7 voice, and grade 7 soprano saxophone.


Speech & Language Therapy


Our therapists offer advice and support around language, speech and communication for families of pre-school children with hearing loss.

Advice & Support

Our advice and support service is there to assist with parent-child communication. Our therapists can give you the tools to communicate more effectively with your child.