Speech & Language Therapy

Children with hearing loss will often benefit from speech and language therapy input. Developing language and communication skills, particularly in the early years, is critical for children with hearing loss to access education and achieve independence.

Our speech and language therapists specialise in children with hearing loss and have a wealth of experience in delivering therapy, often in their own independent practices. 

However, trying to engage with a young child through a video consultation is not ideal, and so our sessions are parent focussed.

We provide bespoke advice and support to parents of children with hearing loss. We aim to educate parents on the tools required for helping their child develop effective communication skills. Our full range of services are listed below.


About Our Speech & Language Therapists

Suzanne Harrigan Speech therapist

Suzanne Harrigan

I have worked as a Speech & Language Therapist for 33 years and have spent my career helping children with listening, language and talking. I love working with families, schools and nurseries to see what differences we can make. I have skills and experience supporting children with hearing difficulties. I also have experience of working with children with complex needs. Please get in touch and we can discuss how best we can work together to make a difference to your child.