Retest Your Hearing Using Your Aids

You can have your hearing remotely assessed using your hearing aids. This feature is called, 'in-situ audiometry'.

It is a quick and efficient way to monitor changes in your hearing over time. The results can improve the quality of your hearing aid settings.

Please note, in-situ audiometry is not designed to replace the need for a diagnostic hearing evaluation in a clinic. If it has been more than 3 years since your last assessment we would recommend obtaining one from your local audiologist.

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Hearing Aid Diagnostics & Fault Checking

Sometimes the technology we use goes wrong and hearing aids are no exception. They are exposed to moisture, high temperatures and general wear and tear.

These factors all influence the longevity of the devices and sometimes errors arise.

Our expert audiologists can help you to diagnose your hearing aid and can often help you repair it from the comfort of your home.

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Remote Hearing Aid Adjustments

We can perform a wide range of fine tuning and functionality adjustments to your hearing aids. This includes:

  • volume, frequency and compression adjustment
  • add/remove volume control
  • add/remove situational programs
  • adjust beeps and warning indicators
  • adjust hearing aid controls
  • email bespoke hearing aid instructions
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book in your remote hearing aid session now

If you would like to get your hearing aid/s adjusted you can book online today with one of our expert audiologists. First though, we need to check your hearing aid is compatible.