Hands Free Calling with ReSound One Hearing Aids

A decade of innovation

As I sit here writing, it suddenly dawned on me that it has been nearly a decade since Resound revolutionised hearing care with the first ever ‘made for iphone’ hearing aid in 2013. At the time, it was seen as a gimmick by many people but Resound had gone all in on this gamble. It almost didn’t pay off for them as, if anything, they were a little too ahead of their time. For a few years, the technology was underutilised by hearing care professionals. However, by the time the pandemic hit Resound were miles ahead of the competition when it came to delivering telehealth at scale because of their fantastic infrastructure that allows for both synchronous (live) and asynchronous (delayed) remote hearing aid adjustments.

Resound One Hearing Aid

Handsfree Calling From Your Hearing Aid

There are many benefits to connecting your hearing aids to your iPhone. One of them is transmitting your phone conversations wirelessly to both ears in stereo sound. The clarity and ease of listening far exceeds using a phone as normal which is why it has been so popular for individuals who utilise hearing technology.

There has always been one drawback though. Users would still have to hold the iPhone close to their mouth during a call. This meant it wasn’t truly handsfree and couldn’t be used whilst driving. However, in recent news Resound have announced that the Bluetooth connection with iPhone will soon be bidirectional for their Resound One hearing devices. This will mean that your hearing aids will act as both a headphones and a microphone. This allows for true handsfree calling for the first time ever on an authorised ‘made for iPhone’ hearing device.

Resound One Made for iPhone

Phonak have been offering true handsfree calling for a couple of years now but Resounds solution is likely to be more battery efficient, and more intuitive for the user. The update will be available through an update for all existing Resound One hearing aid wearers.

If you are interested in trying the Resound One hearing aid, book in for a free 15 minute consultation. Alternatively, if you have a Resound One hearing aid already and need assistance updating the device, please do get in touch, our audiologists will be more than happy to help.