Resound One Hearing Aid

Resound One Hearing Aid

Resound One

The Resound One hearing aid is the latest innovation by the GN group. It is the first ever hearing aid to feature a third microphone situated on the receiver of the device. It is also, in our opinion, the most advanced hearing aid for teleaudiology, which is our specialism.

Localisation and Directionality

The purpose of the additional microphone in the ear canal is to improve localisation and overall sound quality. This is because it makes use of something called the pinna effect. Our ears are designed to direct sound into the ear canal and amplify important speech frequencies. Before now, manufacturers have had to simulate this effect with behind the ear hearing aids which is obviously no substitution for the real thing.


With more microphones we can improve on signal to noise ratios. The Resound One can apply highly directional beamforming. This is great for speech intelligibility if used appropriately. However, time has told us that hearing aids are not very good at recognising when to apply this and so it is only available on its strongest setting as a manual program.

A real-world solution

To create a real-world solution for speech-in-noise issues GN have created a weighted directionality system for the Resound One. This weighted effect helps to improve the natural feel of the hearing aids and maximises audibility.

Using A Home Phone

Unlike all other hearing aids, the Resound One features a microphone positioned on the entrance of the ear canal. This means you can use the phone as normal which is unique to this device.

Adjust Hearing Teleaudiology video consultation


The main reason we use the Resound One hearing aid is because, they feature the most advanced remote care solution. As we are an online only provider, remote features are critical to the success of the hearing aid and service delivery. Resound have been offering their remote fine-tuning feature much longer than any other manufacturer which means they have experience and time on their side and our field tests indicate it is more refined and easier to use. At present, they are the only manufacturer to offer both synchronous and asynchronous remote fine tuning.

Synchronous hearing aid adjustments

This allows you to access real time hearing aid adjustments from your audiologist. They can conduct a full range of programming, just like you would in a clinic.

Asynchronous hearing aid adjustments

This allows you to send through a hearing aid adjustment request to your audiologist. This is great for non-urgent enquiries and is the most time effective as you do not need to dedicate any time for a video consultation appointment.

Buy Resound One Hearing Aid Online

You can buy the Resound One hearing aid online from us. Our premium online hearing care model means that you are taken care of every step of the way. To discuss this further with one of our expert audiologists you can book in for a FREE initial assessment to discuss our simple 3 step process.