Online Hearing Care Services

Online Hearing Care Services

What do We Offer?

Hearing Aids.

Are you thinking of getting hearing aids? Or  need support for your existing hearing aids? Either way, our audiologists are available to support you remotely.

Using our state-of-the-art home hearing test kit we can make appropriate recommendations for hearing technology.

Our audiologists have the capability to program your hearing aids remotely and offer follow ups as part of your ongoing care.

Support & Education.

Hearing help does not end with the use of hearing aids. Far from it. This is why we provide a wide range of education and support.

Our hearing tactics expert can advise you on lip reading, coping in background noise, local services, and assistive technology.

Alternatively, our audiologists and clinical psychologist can help with tinnitus or other distressing ear related conditions.

These sessions are highly informative and are suitable for anybody that wants to learn more about their ears and hearing.

Hearing Tests.

We recommend that you start with our free Online Hearing Screen. This helps to give a rough idea of your hearing ability.

Simply find a quiet space at home or at work with a pair of headphones plugged in to your device or computer. The online test takes about five to ten minutes.

Afterwards, we encourage you to book in for a free initial assessment to discuss the results with our audiologist. They can then decide if more testing is required using our specialist home hearing test kit.

Adjust Hearing

What Do We Do?

Adjust Hearing provides the UK's most comprehensive range of online hearing Services.

Our goal is to offer a fully holistic approach to remote hearing care. Your location on the map will no longer impact on your ability to access first class professionals.

We give you the choice of choosing your specialist so you can get the best support and treatment to maintain your hearing health.

We hold ourselves to delivering the highest standards of care using technology that was designed with accessibility in mind.

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