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Online Tinnitus Support Group
Adjust Hearing In Association With Tinnitus Rooms

Adjust Hearing is proud to announce the launch of our online tinnitus support group in association with Tinnitus Rooms. Tinnitus Rooms is based in Greenwich, London and was founded approximately 3 years ago. They were awarded the first ever gold standard award by the British Tinnitus Association. They are now offering their expertise using our hearing friendly online platform.

live captioning for video conferencing

video conferencing with a difference

Our online audiology platform has been designed from the ground up with accessibility in mind. We use google meets to host our meetings. From our testing they proved to have the best live captioning feature on the market. This means you shouldn't miss a word even if you're struggling to hear.


We also have a simplistic online booking system so you can book your place for the event without needing to pick up the phone. If you prefer to engage with a real person you can send us an email or use our contact form insteadl.

Tinnitus Masterclass

Each tinnitus group session starts with a 20 minute masterclass on a relevant topic.

Tinnitus Rooms utilise their holistic approach to provide education on a wide range of topics. Examples of past topics include: audiology, cognitivie behavioural therapy, coping strategies, equipment, mindfulness and relaxation, research updates, sound enrichment, and talking therapies.

Mindfulness moment

Tinnitus Rooms is proud of it's mindfulness moment. It is a short guided exercise at the end of the session which helps you reflect on the experience and move forward with the rest of the day feeling empowered and positive.

Exercising mindfulness techniques can have a positive effect on your experience of tinnitus. It can assist you in becoming more self aware in a non-judgmental way to help identify factors that may influence your tinnitus.