what is teleaudiology?

Teleaudiology is defined by the use of technology to deliver a remote hearing care service.

Traditionally, you would go to a hospital or a clinic and meet with an audiologist in person. However, with the latest innovations we are able to offer you this service entirely through your computer or smartphone from the comfort of your home, work or on the go.

We use a combination of synchronous and asynchronous teleaudiology solutions to ensure that our approach is entirely digital. This means you have access to our audiologists 24/7.


Synchronous teleaudiology

Synchronous teleaudiology is the use of video link or webchat services to connect you to your clinician in real time. When you book a consultation with one of our clinicians you can use your phone or computer to chat. We use google meets which is a simple and effective video conferencing solution that has fantastic accessibility features.

Our video conferencing solution also has a built in web chat alongside live captioning if you are struggling to follow what is being said.

Asynchronous teleaudiology

Asynchronous teleaudiology is when there is a time difference between the interaction of you and your clinician. You are probably more familiar with this format. An example of asynchronous is the use of email, text message or web enquiry form to send a message. We use asynchronous communication to confirm and remind you of your appointments and are included at no additional cost. This was, you never have to miss appointment again.


What teleaudiology services do we offer?

Our offering is expanding all of the time but it ranges from general audiology consultations right the way through to hearing aid adjustments and online hearing testing. You can check out a full list of our services here.

We offer individual one-to-one appointments but we also offer group/class sessions. Both have their strengths and we recommend integrating both appointment types in to your hearing care programme.

What does the future hold for teleaudiology?

Normally when you purchase hearing aids you buy a bundle of appointments for a set period of time ranging from one to five years which pushes up the price by as much as 60-70%. We are currently working on a solution so that we can ethically sell hearing aids online without any bundled appointments. As and when you need an appointment you simply book in with your preferred provider. It will be an extremely cost effective and flexible solution to suit your needs.

To offer this we need specialist diagnostic hearing test equipment and an ear camera that would be sent out to your home address and then shipped back with your data. This part is critical. Many other online providers do not inspect the health of the ears prior to dispensing the aids. This means that underlying ear health issues may be missed. We do not feel this is acceptable and so we are exploring a solution with several providers at present so we can bring you the very best in complete online hearing care.

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